Quality Policy

Dunacell Kft. aims to ensure the long-term, sustainable operation of the company by taking account of the stakeholders as much as possible and by providing the customers with high-quality, safe products.

  • The management of Dunacell Kft. intends to lay the foundations for the realisation of future, long-term objectives by implementing its complex quality policy. Our company ensures the realisation of its objectives by efficiently operating a quality management system based on the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 standard. In order to achieve the desired results in the most efficient manner, we follow a process- and system-based approach to ensure that the connections and interactions between the specific processes within the system are kept well under control. We have assessed the risks relating to our processes which we also manage continuously for the satisfaction of the customers and other stakeholders.

  • According to our principle, we explore the stakeholders’ needs by determining the company’s external and internal factors so we can ensure the long-term, sustainable operation of the company.
  • For the purpose of enhancing our competitiveness, we continuously improve our technology. We strive to keep up with the development of the industry by means of investments, permanent technological development and by applying the most efficient technology available. Upon planning we pay maximum attention to the aspects of food safety, as well as the environmental impacts.
  • We improve our products, services and quality management system by taking account of the customers’ needs, feedbacks, by assessing our performance and by realising our quality objectives.
  • We select our suppliers in line with the quality standard determined by us and our customers. The mutually beneficial relations established with the suppliers enhance the value-creating capacity of all stakeholders.
  • Our employees’ expertise, up-to-date information and aptitude all play an important role in realising our objectives; therefore, our company pays great attention to their due recruitment, as well as to continuously improve their qualifications and professional experience.
  • The management of our company commits itself to the operation and development of our quality management system and the performance of the tasks undertaken by providing the necessary resources.